** Commencement 2024 Information **

** Commencement 2024 Information **

University Relations

What we do

The Office of University Relations oversees external and internal communications for New Mexico Highlands University. It supervises the university’s public image, including design standards, publications, news, multimedia content, web content, and communications. The University Relations office also includes 澳门十大正规网投平台’s Government Relations office.

The Office of Government Relations represents the interests of New Mexico Highlands University as the University’s lead advocate and liaison with elected and appointed officials, their staffs, and government bodies.

University Relations aids news media, government agencies, and the public seeking information about the university. It also serves all 澳门十大正规网投平台 communities via news information services, marketing, and branding.

Its mission is to build and strengthen relationships with the University’s constituencies and encourage investment in and support for 澳门十大正规网投平台, its programs, and its initiatives.



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The mission of New Mexico Highlands University’s Office of University Relations is to promote and protect the University’s brand, disseminate relevant information about the university to external and internal audiences, promote collaboration between the university and external organizations, and support the university’s overall mission, vision, and goals.

Services we offer

  • Press releases/media relations
  • Maintain an image/video library for university promotion
  • Social media outreach
  • Ensure compliance with the Highlands Branding Policy
  • Publication design
  • Website changes

Contact information:

David Lepre
Vice President for Marketing, Communications, and Government Relations
Phone: 505-454-3380
Room: UCWB 111
Email: davidlepre@istarcasting.com

Theresa M Garcia
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 505-454-3387
Room: UCWB 111
Email: theresagarcia@istarcasting.com

Benson Hendrix
Digital Media Manager/Web Developer
Phone: 505-429-1026
Room: UCWB-111
Email: bensonh@istarcasting.com

Makahla Harapat
Communications Specialist
Phone: 505-454-3021
Room: UCWB 111
Email: makahla@istarcasting.com

Kristy Tucker
Senior Graphic Designer
Phone: 505-454-3016
Room: UCWB 111
Email: kristytucker@istarcasting.com


Q: I have an idea for a news story. Whom should I contact?
A: Send an email to universityrelations@istarcasting.com

Q: There is incorrect information on our web page. How do we fix it?
A: Fill out the web changes form here.