** Commencement 2024 Information **

** Commencement 2024 Information **

Office of the Dean of Students

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Kimberly Blea, HU-CARES director

Kimberly Blea

Dean of Student Affairs

Kimberly Blea can be reached at 505-454-3020 or kjvaldez@istarcasting.com .

New Mexico Highlands University Mission

New Mexico Highlands University is a public comprehensive university serving our local and global communities. Our mission is to provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to attain an exceptional education by fostering creativity, critical thinking and research in the liberal arts, sciences, and professions within a diverse community.For more information about our mission, click here.

Student Handbook and Grievance Form

Student handbook

Student Grievance Form

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New Mexico Highlands University Vaccination Policy
Immunizations are not required for admission to New Mexico Highlands University, however, they are recommended. The meningitis vaccine (Menectra) is strongly recommended for first-time students who will be living in the campus residence halls. Two doses of the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine and the Varicella (chickenpox) is needed to protect students from these very contagious diseases. We also recommend an annual influenza vaccine.

Voter Registration: New Mexico Residents
Information on voting in local, state, and federal elections, and the New Mexico Voter registration form can be found at the New Mexico Secretary of State website.

Other U.S. Residents
If your state of residence is something other than New Mexico, you can either visit your home state’s Secretary website or the U.S. Election Assistance Commission website for voter registration forms and information.


Kimberly Blea
Dean Student Affairs
Phone: 505.454.3566
Email: kjvaldez@istarcasting.com

Yvonne Duran
Student Affairs
Administrative Secretary
Phone: 505.454.3020
Email: ycduran@istarcasting.com